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Episode 184 Is ChatGPT AI A Writer's Friend or Foe?

Stop Writing Alone Podcast Episode #184

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Nicole Rivera
Jackie Dana
Susie A Taylor
Stop Writing Alone is a weekly show for writers looking for a writing community. In each episode listeners will learn where and how they can find, or create, their own writing community while joining one such community with Stop Writing Alone. The show will provide inspiration, writing activities, critique, and lessons from “distant teachers” in the writing world via their writings, online presence, and interviews. The show is written and hosted by Nicole Rivera, co-organizer of a local writing group, writer, and Pitch Wars 2016 mentee.
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AI is here, do you think ChatGPT is a writer’s friend or foe? This week Nicole sits down with three writers who have dove in to use tools like ChatGPT and Jasper to ask them about their experiences. Jackie Dana, Heather Huffman and Susie Taylor share how they have used these tools in their fiction, content creation, research and more. Tune in to hear about why you might be celebrating this new tech and what, if anything, you still have to fear.

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